Our Solarize Campaigns are currently on pause!

If you are interested in leading your neighborhood in a future Solarize campaign, please contact our Advocacy Director, Kyla Kosednar at k[email protected].

Solarize Your Community

The Solarize Program is a group of community projects that bring neighbors, businesses, and community spaces together to purchase solar panels as a group to receive discounted rates on panels and installation. Community projects like this emphasize the collective power for neighbors to organize and bargain for the best solar installations and systems for their communities. Solarize campaigns across the state give communities the support to navigate through the installation process,  hard questions and technicalities with financing, to gather information on state and federal incentives - all to make getting solar energy easier and more affordable.

The Alaska Center staff has led and supported various Solarize campaigns across the state, and the Solarize model has been widely used across the nation. Check out the NREL guidebook if you are interested in learning more about the Solarize Model >>

Communities That Have Already Solarized

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