Important conversations about climate issues are often inaccessible to the public and unreachable to the people and communities most impacted. To help bridge this gap, we’d like to explore solutions, identify roadblocks, and stay current by hosting community perspectives on climate change topics in a webinar and Q&A series. The Climate, Care, & Community Series is a space to gather, learn about, and discuss climate topics in Alaska. 

Climate, Care, and Community #5: Voting for a Just Transition

How can we use our vote to help transition our economy from an extractive one to a renewable one? Representative hopefuls, ballot initiatives, and judges are all on the ballot – and have always been key factors in shaping what we consider “conservation” in Alaska. This conversation is about the history of voting and climate policy in Alaska.

Climate, Care, and Community #4: Leveraging Clean Energy Investment

According to the Coalition for Green Capital, “Green Banks” are “mission-driven institutions that use innovative financing to accelerate the transition to clean energy and fight climate change.” Watch this discussion on efforts at the local, state, and national levels to facilitate clean energy projects through a Green Bank financing approach. Speakers: Jeffrey Schub from the Coalition for Green Capital Chris Rose from Alaska Renewable Energy Project (REAP)

Climate, Care, and Community #3: Black Identities in Sustainability

Sustainability can often feel like a buzzword. But it is so much more than an Instagram tag. Sustainability and Zero Waste practices are about how we take care of ourselves and our communities, and they should be accessible to everyone. These practices are fundamental to our health and our environment.

BIPOC have often been left out of the conversation when it comes to Sustainability and Zero Waste practices. At the same time, there has been incredible longterm BIPOC leadership in this space. It’s time to amplify those voices.

Hosted by Alyssa Quintyne, Interior Community Organizer and other sustainability champions.

Climate, Care, and Community #2: Salmon Surviving Climate Change

Watch this conversation with fisheries scientist Dr. Stephanie Quinn-Davidson and Dr. Al Gross about the impacts of Alaska’s warming water on our salmon. Hosted by Jenny-Marie Stryker, Political and Campaigns Director.

Climate, Care, and Community #1: Solar Metering

Watch a discussion hosted by our Anchorage Community Organizer, Shanelle Afcan about Solar Metering in Alaska. Learn what solar metering is, policies in utility co-ops, and where we can go from here.