Staying on Top of the Alaska Legislative Session: 2023

Bills On The Move This Week

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Updated 5/5/2023

The Legislative Branch is responsible for enacting the State of Alaska laws and appropriating the money necessary to operate the government. Alaska has a bicameral legislature composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives is composed of 40 members elected from 40 election districts for two-year terms. The Senate has 20 members elected from 20 senate districts for four-year terms, with one-half of the members standing for election every two years.

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Bills we Are watching

HB= House Bill / SB= Senate Bill
Some bills have corresponding bills in House and Senate.

Bills are categorized below by the following themes:
Democracy | Climate & Clean Energy | Equity & Racial Justice | Salmon & Clean Water

Democracy Bills

Climate & Clean Energy Bills

Equity & Racial Justice Bills

Salmon & Clean Water Bills

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