Staying on Top of the Alaska Legislative Session

coming soon for 2024 leg session

The Legislative Branch is responsible for enacting the State of Alaska laws and appropriating the money necessary to operate the government. Alaska has a bicameral legislature composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives is composed of 40 members elected from 40 election districts for two-year terms. The Senate has 20 members elected from 20 senate districts for four-year terms, with one-half of the members standing for election every two years.

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Bills we Are watching

HB= House Bill / SB= Senate Bill
Some bills have corresponding bills in House and Senate.

Bills are categorized below by the following themes:
Democracy | Climate & Clean Energy | Equity & Racial Justice | Salmon & Clean Water

Democracy Bills

Climate & Clean Energy Bills

Equity & Racial Justice Bills

Salmon & Clean Water Bills

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