Bringing low cost solar panels to your neighborhood

Solarize Anchorage is a joint effort between the Alaska Center and the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) at the University of Alaska to make residential and small commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems more accessible and affordable for homeowners and commercial property owners in the Anchorage Municipality. Solarize Anchorage brings neighbors together to purchase solar panels as a group to receive discounted rates on panels and installation. It will provide home and business owners less expensive panels by pairing group discount rates with available state and federal incentives. The Solarize program has been widely used in the lower 48. It allows neighbors in specific geographic areas to organize for the collective purchase of solar installation. Check out the NREL guidebook if you are interested in learning more about the Solarize concept >>


Solarize Anchorage is seeking proposals from qualified firms willing to provide for group purchase of solar photovoltaic (PV) system installation in conjunction with the Solarize Anchorage Girdwood and Turnagain Arm campaign. Solarize Anchorage's goal is to accelerate solar PV energy education and installations in Anchorage through group purchasing and a competitive bidding process. For this first round of Solarize Anchorage, participant eligibility is targeted to residents and businesses within the Girdwood and Turnagain Arm Community Council's geographic area.

The intent of this RFP is to select one firm to provide recruitment, system design and installation services, and ongoing customer service for eligible participants in the GW/TA Neighborhood of Anchorage. They wish to participate in this round of Solarize Anchorage. Solarize Anchorage reserves the right to choose a second firm in the event of overwhelming demand.

Interested contractors should fill this form out to receive the RFP.

Campaign Timeline (Subject to Change)

RFP Publicly Announced

Jan 28th 2021

Final RFP Questions are Due in Writing

Feb 10th 2021

Final Responses to RFP Questions Posted Online

Feb 13th 2021

Proposals Due

Feb 17th 2021

Firms Notified of Interviews (if necessary)

March 7th 2021 


March 10-17th 2021

Firm Selected

March 17th 2021

Solarize Kick-off and Community Workshop #1

April TBD

Community Workshop #2


End of Solarize campaign, customer signup deadline

June 15 

Solarize Contract Expiration, deadline for installations

Installer’s Discretion 

We are proud to report that Solarize Anchorage 2020 helped facilitate 75 home solar installations across five neighborhoods in Anchorage, with a total of 463.75kW installed! Thank you and Congratulations to the Bayshore/Klatt, University/Tudor, Abbott Loop, and Rabbit Creek communities.

  • Solarize Airport Heights 2018 – Installations: 33 homes
  • Solarize South Addition 2019 – Installations: 48 homes
  • Solarize Rogers Park 2019 – Installations: 36 homes
  • Solarize Turnagain 2019 – Installations: 74 homes
  • Solarize Spenard 2019 – Installations: 5 homes
  • Solarize Bayshore/Klatt 2020 – Installations: 11 homes
  • Solarize University/Tudor 2020 – Installations: 10 homes
  • Solarize Abbott Loop 2020 – Installations: 26 homes
  • Solarize Rabbit Creek 2020 – Installations: 31 homes

Will your neighborhood be next?

Contact [email protected] and our team will help you design a campaign plan and start organizing your neighbors.

Do you live from Eagle River to Eklutna Valley? Sign this petition of interest to Solarize in 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Participant Questions

Does the Solarize Anchorage program apply to Homeowners Associations?
The program is meant to benefit individual homeowners.

Can I participate in the Solarize Anchorage program if I live in a condo or duplex?
If you own your residence, including rights to the roof, this may be a possibility. Please check ownership and construction permissions.

Contractor Questions

Can more than one installer participate?
Yes, especially in instances where there is overwhelming demand for installations.

What if someone wants to purchase their panels through Solarize but wants to select their own installer?
The goal of the Solarize Anchorage program is to help both residents and installers by negotiating that relationship. Costs are driven down for consumers, and selected contractors get a guarantee of business. Buying panels and choosing a different installer would only be possible if the installer(s) selected through the Solarize program present that as an option.