2024 Anchorage Municipal Election Endorsements

Endorsed Candidates Anchorage Municipal Elections: Chris Constant Downtown District 1, Anna Brawley West District 3, Felix  Rivera Midtown District 4, Karen Bronga East District 5, George Martinez East District 5

Election Day is Tuesday, April 2, 2024

The Alaska Center Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse four excellent candidates running to make Anchorage a better place.

The board has endorsed Suzanne LaFrance for Anchorage Mayor to set our city back on the path of creating a more just, healthy, sustainable, and thriving community. The board also endorsed the three incumbent school board candidates, who all have proven records of standing up for Anchorage students in the face of extremist action to politicize our schools and take away voices for youth. These candidates have championed The Alaska Center's values of clean air and water, healthy communities, and a strong democracy. We are confident that all will move Anchorage forward with competent leadership, integrity, and compassion.

Mayoral Endorsement
Suzanne LaFrance - Mayoral Candidate

School Board Endorsements
Chris Constant Downtown District 1
Anna Brawley West District 3
Felix  Rivera Midtown District 4