Check Out Our Endorsements!

Election Day is August 16

If we want enduring change, we need good policy championed by strong leaders right in our communities. Engaging in local elections is a way to support emerging leaders and ensure that we have champions at all levels of government that share our vision for a more sustainable, vibrant, and healthy Alaska.

August 16 Alaskans will be able to vote for both the Ranked Choice Special Election and the Pick One Primary Election on the same ballot. Don't forget to to flip that ballot!

In the fall, we’ll have a statewide November election. This election will choose the final candidates from the primary as well as many other seats including Governor. This is a ranked-choice election, meaning voters can rank their choices 1-34.

We all have the right to vote for the leaders we want to see in office. Our elected leaders, on every level, make decisions that affect our lives. These leaders weigh in on our clean energy policy and investment, healthcare, immigration policy, and federal investment dollars on the federal level. And on the state level, our leaders decide on everything from our marine highway system or statewide incentives for renewables right down to holidays we celebrate. 

Make sure that you have the information you need to vote. Reach out to your friends and family, too. Together, we can make the kind of future we want to see.