The Alaska Center
The Alaska Center Education Fund
Equity & Inclusion Rationale

  • We acknowledge Indigenous Alaskans as original stewards and caretakers of the land we call home. The conservation movement and the origin of our organizations are rooted in colonial history. In the decades after Statehood, Alaskans recognized the need for safeguards from resource extraction, however, a historic narrative around ‘public lands’ is in direct conflict with true history: Alaska is on unceded Indigenous territory. We recognize historical trauma, we support calls for reconciliation and healing, and we build a culture of accountability so we can continue to learn from our mistakes. As a first step in moving forward as true partners to Alaska Native communities, we commit ourselves to decolonization.
  • We work to build power for community self-determination. We amplify solutions identified by the communities most directly impacted by issues we engage in. We support communities on the frontlines of resource extraction, climate change, and environmental threats and organizations that work within them when asked. We shift power and leadership to these communities.
  • We acknowledge the disparity of privilege between Alaskan communities and understand a robust democracy requires full participation of Alaskans of all languages, geographies, abilities, and identities. We elevate the voices of young people, women, people of color, and recent immigrants who make up the new Alaskan majority. Our work broadens access to civic engagement and advocacy.
  • When elected leaders represent their communities and more diverse perspectives are included at the decision-making table, we can harness the power of the collective to arrive at more equitable decisions.
  • We are committed to advocating for and protecting access to Alaska’s lands and waters through outdoor education. We seek to raise the next generation of Alaskan stewards with an understanding and value of our state. Everyone deserves access to and the opportunity to develop a personal connection to Alaska’s wildlife, plants, lands & waters.
  • As staff, board, and volunteers, we reflect and strive to represent the communities we serve. Our work is more effective and equitable when we encourage leadership from within underrepresented communities and ensure that our employment, board, and volunteer opportunities as well as our fiscal relationships are inclusive and accessible to all.