Take Action.


Stop the Voter Suppression Bill

While Alaskans wait for COVID relief in a pandemic battered economy, the Alaska State Senate, led by Senator Peter Micciche (R-Soldotna), is getting right to work on a voter suppression proposal, SB 39, sponsored by Senator Mike Shower (R-Wasilla). SB 39 would overturn the will of the majority of Alaskans who voted for the 2016 ballot initiative to link voter registration to your permanent fund dividend application. Over 50 thousand Alaskans were registered to vote through this simple change in the law. Why would Senator Shower and the Senate Majority want to overturn this law? Voter Suppression, clear and simple. Defend our democracy, take action. 


It's time to lead. Take action to end Pebble for good.

Tell our leaders that action speaks louder than words. Ask them to take real concrete action against Pebble Mine

Ask our Senators to permanently protect Bristol Bay by ensuring the Environmental Protection Agency moves forward under its 404c authority to "veto" the project.


Ask Sen. Murkowski to Act on Climate

Senator Lisa Murkowski is one of three Republicans to join the first bipartisan climate caucus in the Senate. Send her a message today and thank her for crossing party lines to tackle climate change and urge her to:

  • Support the 100% Clean Energy Economy Act.
  • Extend the clean energy credits in the Tax Extenders Package or a standalone bill.
  • Continue her support for battery storage and microgrid technology research and development.
  • Prioritize maintenance, safety, and access to jobs and services in considering changes to the federal highway program. Rethinking our transportation system has a major impact on CO2 emissions from highway transport.


People not Pebble

Alaskans have been fighting Pebble Mine for over a decade and thousands of us have a Pebble story to tell. Whether you live in Bristol Bay or Pebble Mine threatens your lively hood - your voice deserves to be told. Tell us about your connection to salmon and why you oppose Pebble Mine.


Climate Justice Now

Take Action Today to Demand Action on Climate NOW! We cannot leave the weight of this work on the shoulders of our youth. Please fill out the form below to let our policymakers know it is their job to protect our future, TODAY!


Pledge to Restore the Eklutna River

The Eklutna River once provided habitat for a thriving, sustainable salmon run and supported the way of life of the Eklutna people. In 1929 the water was diverted for the Municipality of Anchorage's growing energy needs and the people of Eklutna's lives and salmon habitat were dramatically changed by from the impacts to the watershed. Show your support to restore the river.


Statewide Non-Discrimination Legislation

Current state law provides no avenue for legal recourse in the event of discrimination. Marginalized communities like the LGBTQ community, their friends and families could have their rights and livelihoods taken away with no legal recourse. Only three cities in the state have ordinances and resolutions protecting these identities, leaving 55% of the population vulnerable to discrimination and violence.

All Alaskans deserve to be safe. We need clear, explicit protections for sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity to ensure the protection of all Alaskans' rights. There is no room for discrimination in our state, and too many lives are at risk. There is no room for discrimination in our state. Let our leaders know, Alaskans need secured protections for all communities.


Single-use plastic Bag Ban

Stand with youth leaders of Alaska Youth for Environmental Action (AYEA) to urge policymakers to reduce single-use plastic bags across Alaska.