Making it easier and less expensive to go solar in The Interior!

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How can our local nonprofits save money on their energy bills by being more energy efficient, and stay strong during storms to be more resilient for the community? With your help! Consider a donation to Solarize BRITE:

As you may know, Solarize Fairbanks strives to make clean energy more affordable and accessible for Interior Alaska. In efforts to expand our energy efficiency work, we’ve started a new program called BRITE (Building Resiliency for the InTErior). 

Solarize BRITE works with nonprofit organizations to perform energy audits on their building spaces and financially support the needed upgrades through community fundraising. This year’s participating organizations are:

These four nonprofits have all had their energy audits, are making plans for upgrades to their air-sealing, attic and crawl space insulation, LED lighting, heat pump water heaters, and more! 

Oftentimes, it can be tough for nonprofit organizations to find funding for anything more than maintaining their basic operations. Building upgrades will save money for the organizations in the long term, but it’s a challenge if the organization can’t afford to get that upgrade done in the first place. 

That’s where you come in! By donating to Solarize BRITE, you can fill that need and allow nonprofit organizations to do some much-needed energy upgrades while not taking their own fundraising away from programs serving our community. Our fundraising goal is $80,000, with $20,000 going to each organization, and every dollar counts. Your contribution is much appreciated, no matter the size!

Not able to make a donation? That’s ok, we know times are tough. Another way to support Solarize BRITE is by spreading the word to your friends and family! Feel free to share this with your networks and help us spread the word in our community. 

Together, we can make our nonprofits more resilient! 

Solarize BRITE is made possible by Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Inc (CCHRC), National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), North Star Community Foundation (NSCF), Information Insights, Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition (FCAC), and The Alaska Center.


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As we continue to navigate multiple pandemics affecting the Interior, the Solarize Fairbanks Coalition is committed to being proactive in our organizing and events to protect our community. Our team encourages all Area Organizers, Committees, and Volunteers to adhere to any CDC recommendations and State Administration regulations concerning - vaccination, masking mandates, sanitation, and event guidelines. The Solarize Fairbanks Coalition encourages hosting hybrid in-person/virtual events, and to take all necessary precautions such as mask, sanitizer, physical distancing, etc. Area Organizers and committees are welcome to host in-person or hybrid meetings as they and their community see fit. We encourage all organizers, volunteers, and participants regardless of vaccination or booster status to practice social distancing, wearing masks in public, frequent hand hygiene and sanitation, and self-quarantining if and when necessary. Please review our full Solarize Fairbanks’ Crisis Response Plan. This is a living document and will be changed as vaccination access and allocation develops.

Read the Crisis Response Plan here.

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