Making it easier and less expensive to go solar in Fairbanks!

Solarize Fairbanks is a community-led solar initiative that aims to make solar energy more affordable and accessible in Interior Alaska. This initiative is supported by coalition members Information Insights, The Alaska Center, the Northern Alaska Environmental Center, Alaska Center for Energy and Power, Native Movement, and the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition.


New Year, New Committees! If you are interested in Solarizing you home or business, neighborhood, community, church and congregation, fire station, and shared building -  fill out this form >> 

You can always reach out to the Solarize Fairbanks Core Team via email or facebook message

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More Resources

We are currently updating our materials for area organizers and committees for this year. Please check back! In the meantime, you can still view our general resources and information:

Solar Sizing and Payback Spreadsheet >

Resources from the first Solarize Fairbanks Workshop

Solarize Fairbanks Power Point >>
Fact Sheet >>
Watch the live recording of the First Solarize Fairbanks Workshop here >>
Listen to the live recording of the First Solarize Workshop here >>

Learn more about Solarize Anchorage Campaign >>

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How does it work?

Solarize Fairbanks will work with community members to organize and purchase solar panels as a group to receive discounted rates on energy efficiency upgrades and solar panels and installation. Local discounts will be paired with federal tax credits and grants along with local financing options.

Has this happened before?

Yes, and not just in Fairbanks! Anchorage just wrapped up a third year of their Solarize Anchorage Campaign. With more than 200 solar PV systems installed in 2018, 2019, and 2020 this is a tested approach in urban Alaska and the lower 48.

Is my area eligible to participate?

Yes! For a group to be eligible, you will need at least TWO campaign leaders who will organize your area and serve as campaign leaders along with Solarize Fairbanks volunteers.

What am I asking my neighbors to commit to?

You are asking if they are seriously interested in investing in energy efficiency and solar PV in the summer of 2020. If the campaign goes forward in your neighborhood, they will work with the selected installer and receive a solar quote. At that point, it will be their decision on whether or not to go forward with the investment.

How much does a solar PV system cost?

This depends! But right now without any tax credits or discounts the cost of solar PV in Fairbanks is around $4 per watt. Our goal is to reduce the cost of a solar PV system by at least 10% and even lower if you are eligible for the 26% federal tax credit in 2021. We’re working on a menu of discounts and financing options for homeowners and businesses.

We are community leaders, organizers, consultants, and business and homeowners working to reduce the cost of energy for Fairbanks North Star Borough residents and businesses, increase solar PV capacity and energy-efficient technology, and enable a transition to cleaner energy. We are committed to building a cleaner, more affordable, and more resilient energy future for Fairbanks and the Interior.

Our 2020 Solarize campaign was filled with successes and challenges. With a record wet summer, the COVID 19 pandemic, and ongoing rebate delays, Fairbanksians still persevered. Solarize Fairbanks helped facilitate solar installations in three communities with 77 homes and 400kw installed. With a year under our belt, all the efforts and feedback from our committee members, organizers, utilities, installers, and this community, we are ready to start Solarize Fairbanks 2021! This means putting solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on rooftops – homes, fire stations, stores, churches, community centers, gas stations, and more. In addition, we’ll also help with simple energy efficiency changes in your home or building that can reduce electricity usage. There’s no reason to pay for a solar PV system if you can reduce your energy use now!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and adhering to the recommendations of the CDC and State Administration, the Solarize Fairbanks Team will practice ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-quarantine’ (if necessary) to be proactive to slow down and combat the spread of the virus, and to protect our most vulnerable and marginalized community members. We are continuing to host virtual events and meetings and provide all needed material online or drop off. Please review our full Solarize Fairbanks’s Crisis Response Plan. This is a living document and will be changed as vaccination access and allocation develops. Read the Crisis Response Plan here >>

If you are interested in finding out more, contact our team at [email protected] or visit us on Facebook

Watch our February 2021 Kickoff below!