Why Solarize?

💲 The Solarize Group Discount!

Getting solar with your neighbors both makes pricing competitive between Alaskan installers, brings down the costs on materials for the installation, and you get a free solar assessment - which means more money back in your pocket. The more neighbors that sign up, the higher the discount!

💬 Get Support Along The Way

Knowing all the ins and outs of getting solar can be overwhelming and highly technical. Solarize Fairbanks is here to help with local solar experts, information on financial resources, and campaign materials to make the process of choosing an installer, net metering, to grant applications easier to understand.

🌞 Invest In Local Clean Energy

Getting solar energy is not only a good way to lower carbon emissions, but it also invests in our local solar businesses, engineers, inspectors, and electricians. Joining in a community-led campaign builds energy democracy - you know where your energy sources are coming from and where it’s going to. And doing it with your neighbors grows our clean energy market so it becomes more and more accessible to others. Win win win!

💪 Solarizers Call The Shots

We show you the options, you make the decisions on everything! When you’re part of a Solarize campaign, your community chooses the installer, and your assessment is customized and free - so you can plan for solar in your budget with no commitment. If the price is right, you choose if you go forward with the contract. No penalty if you decide not to!