In 2020 we've grappled with an unprecedented economic crisis, an out-of-control health pandemic, and rampant high profile racism, not to mention the continued crisis of climate change that is denied by our federal and state administrations.

Now it's 2021 and we've got work to do, together. With you, with our partners, and with all Alaskans who see something better on the horizon, we can make a difference for our home and our future.

Your donation will make a huge difference for the future of our state.

  • We will keep holding our leadership accountable.
  • We will keep working to elect representatives that work with and for our communities.
  • We will keep fighting for the health of our waters, our salmon, and our climate.
  • We will keep working with partners to build a just and sustainable economy that moves us towards a renewables future.
  • We will keep showing up, listening, learning and working for a future for all of us.

You are part of this work. Your support is invaluable.

Most people are giving $50, give what you can.

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