Statement: Alaska Leaders Respond to BBBA Framework Agreement

President Joe Biden has announced a framework agreement for the Build Back Better Act, delivering historic investments in climate action, clean energy, and environmental justice. The BBBA will create jobs and drive economic opportunity while cutting the carbon pollution that causes climate change. The Alaska Center and Southeast Alaska Conservation Council are united in support of this framework as a first step towards the climate justice that Alaska urgently needs.

“We are at a pivotal moment to Build Back Better and we must act now. Our state is experiencing climate change impacts at ten times the rate of anywhere else, and Alaska Native communities on the frontline of this crisis are at risk without urgent and bold action. We have a real opportunity to lead: we can build a sustainable Alaskan economy driven by local knowledge and make investments that help all Alaskans. Our leaders need to hold onto a clean energy vision for Alaska, in which we can all thrive, not just survive.” — Polly Carr, Executive Director, The Alaska Center

"Southeast Alaskans are eager to see this budget resolution process finally moving forward. Alaska has much to gain from taking strong action on climate now, and everything to lose if we fail to act. From preventing further temperature increases in our coastal and inland waters to preparing our communities for a just transition, now is the time for Congress to go big and bold and invest in our future." — Meredith Trainor, Executive Director, Southeast Alaska Conservation Council

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