STATEMENT: A Strong Democracy Requires Safety and Civility

The Alaska Center condemns recent behavior during Anchorage Assembly meetings.

At The Alaska Center and The Alaska Center Education Fund, we believe a true democracy is one in which everyone feels safe, respected, and able to participate in public discourse. This is crucial for creating a more representative democracy that reflects the diverse ideas and needs of our neighbors. But the recent behavior at Anchorage Assembly meetings is a direct threat to our democracy. 

The intimidating, mob-like behavior exhibited by some members of the public, including homophobic, sexist, racist, and antisemitic statements is absolutely unacceptable. In addition, the verbal attacks on constituents and Assemblymembers are anti-democratic and should not be tolerated in these forums. These actions have created a culture and environment in which it is not healthy nor safe for many to engage.

The Alaska Center stands in solidarity with those calling for respect and safety to return to our chambers of democracy. We urge Mayor Bronson and other government leaders to call for civil behavior regardless of political beliefs and to condemn those that will not follow the rules of order. And we seek changes in meeting structure and process to foster greater access and safety for all members of the public.

We must actively engage our friends, families, neighbors, and coworkers in dialogue and action to protect our democracy and the home that we love. The safety and dignity of current and future generations depend on it. 


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