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Felix Rivera

Midtown Anchorage District 4 - Seat G

Felix Supports Our Values

Felix has served on the Anchorage Assembly for six years and brings a strong foundation of experience in public service. His accomplishments include winning rights for members of the Anchorage LGBTQ+ communities, working on the Anchorage Climate Action Plan, and championing the creation of a Chief Equity Officer for Anchorage. Felix will fight for greater accessibility to affordable housing and voting, and continue to advance formal government-to-government recognition between the Municipality of Anchorage and the Native Village of Eklutna. Felix has a proven track record of standing up for all residents, and we are excited to support him for District 4 once again.
District 4
Anchorage Assembly District 4 Map

The heart and the future of our community are at stake in these elections.