Chugach Utility Elections

Do you get a utility bill from Chugach Electric Association every month? If so, that means you’re a member and you can vote in Annual Elections to make your voice heard! This year, members are voting to elect two candidates to the Chugach Board of Directors. We are proud to endorse Sam Cason, Mark Wiggin and Mitch Roth for the Chugach Board of Directors. 

Sam Cason is a lifelong Alaskan who has previously served on the Chugach Board of Directors from 2003 to 2005. He wants to ensure members have a stable and sustainable electric utility service as a part of our lives and economy. He is interested in our utility providers making the best choices when it comes to issues like renewable energy systems and railbelt utilities. Sam supports returning water to the dammed Eklutna River, the local historically and culturally significant salmon stream. If elected, he promises to put consumers first and uphold Chugach’s purpose of providing reliable, low-cost power. 

Mark Wiggin has been a Chugach member for 37 years and has previously served as ML&P’s Board Chair and advisory commissioner. He has also done extensive work with Chugach Electric Association and other railbelt utility providers. He supports the aspirational goal of reaching 100% clean energy by 2050 and wants to create a long term focus on incorporating renewable power components to the generation portfolio. Mark strongly supports a regional approach to power generation and wants it to be done in the best interests of the ratepayers and community. Because of Mark’s extensive experience and knowledge of Chugach Electric Association and other Railbelt utilities, he already understands the issues they are faced with and wants to work to make a stronger, more resilient and more efficient cooperative. 

Mitchell Roth is a strong supporter of clean energy and wants Chugach Electric Association to transition to 100% renewable energy production by 2030. He supports a collaborative, regional approach to energy production and generation wants to work to connect producers to consumers. Mitchell is in support of restoring flow to the Eklutna River and utilizing a pumped-hydro energy storage facility to continue to produce hydroelectric energy from the river. Mitchell recognizes the importance of having reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity for the health, safety, and well-being of the community. 

Members will have received a paper ballot or emailed a link with election materials and voting information. If you haven’t gotten election information from Chugach, call 563-7366 to update your information. Paper ballots must be received by noon on June 12th - it is recommended they be mailed by June 4th, or dropped off at the ballot box in the Chugach office lobby. Online voting must be completed by 4 pm on June 15th. 

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