Community Solar


Community Solar is good for Alaska! Support Senate Bill 152!

Take Action to Make Solar Accessible

What does Senate Bill 152 do?

Senate Bill 152 (SB 152) allows Alaskans to purchase shares in community-owned solar arrays not located on their home or property. Community solar arrays or “solar gardens” can be owned by utilities, communities, or individual power producers. Purchasing a share in a “solar garden” is often cheaper than investing in rooftop solar and opens up energy savings to renters and low-income community members who can’t afford renewable energy.

Why should Alaska pass this law?

41 states currently use community solar, and Alaska is one of the last states to implement community solar programs. In states with community solar, consumers see an average of 10% savings on electricity bills, and when arrays are owned by community members and organizations, the shared savings flow back into the community to build community wealth. 79,000 Alaskans are currently living below the Federal poverty level, and over 260,000 Alaskans live in rental housing. This bill opens the door to long-term energy savings, good-paying jobs, and a real pathway towards much-needed energy and economic diversity for all Alaskans. 

Why does The Alaska Center support SB 152?

Community solar is an important step toward making renewable energy accessible to all Alaskans. We believe that renewables are a necessary part of a just transition, and this bill will remove some of the barriers that keep too many Alaskans dependent on extractive energies and give them more agency in their utilities. Community Solar is a step in the right direction toward climate justice. It’s the simplest, most equitable, and least expensive way to decarbonize Alaska’s energy system! 

What is the next step?

SB 152 was introduced last year, and we are working to gather as much support for the bill as we can during the second part of the 33rd legislative session convenes. As this bill moves through the legislature, Alaskan voices will be crucial to persuade our elected leaders to support and pass this bill. TAKE ACTION by adding your name to the growing list of Alaskans who support Community Solar.