A special step towards a better future

What if Alaskans have the power to change the trajectory of our entire nation? We know that might sound like pie-in-the-sky dreaming or potentially the ramblings of an overly optimistic team committed to our climate future. But honestly, right now, this special election could influence national politics more than you may realize.

Recently we had the chance to vote in our special runoff primary, and we have three candidates to choose from in the August special election. These 3 candidates show us three routes our state could take depending on who rises to the top in the next Ranked Choice election. We could be looking at an extremist conservative candidate with a history of abandoning our state in times of need. We could have an even more extreme candidate who wants to remove bodily autonomy and destroy the EPA. Or we could make another choice, and the seat left open by Don Young could be filled with a progressive candidate who has shown their commitment to protecting our salmon, our communities, and our way of life in Alaska.

Isn’t it about time an Indigenous woman represents our state? Isn’t it about time we let our leaders know that the attacks on our bodily autonomy, environmental protections, and accessible voting are not just decisions Alaskans will sit idly by and watch? Isn’t it time we show the rest of the nation what change can look like and what we need leadership to be?

Sure this special election is for a limited term, but this first special election has the ability to set the stage for an election season where Alaskans say we want progressive leaders to make effective and long-lasting policy decisions for the country. Decisions that can help turn the direction of our climate and our country’s future.

And while this special term is only a few months, whoever gets elected has a much stronger chance of being elected in November. When people turn up to vote, the political infrastructure (campaigns, parties, and political spenders) listens. This is an opportunity for Alaskans to influence bigger and broader elections. 

This election is a chance to show up and move the needle for our climate and our communities. When we show up at the polls, we show leadership that we are active and will stay engaged. Our numbers in elections can set the tone, and our leaders can expect to be held accountable for the length of their term.

This year, Alaskans have a lot of elections, and each of them holds the power to make a significant change in our state and our country. This special election can be more special than we may even know. Don’t forget this Sunday is the Voter registration deadline for the special house election.

Keep your eye on the prize, and together we can build a future for all Alaskans.

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