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Renewable Energy Goals

Governor Dunleavy’s Renewable Portfolio Standard and our, seldom, but wholehearted support in the case of a policy that will help our state do its part to combat emissions.

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New Year, New Session 2022

Happy New Year and new Legislative Session from The Alaska Center. We anticipate both opportunity and struggle in the year ahead, another year in the lifetime work of protecting and nurturing our Democracy and saving our home from the ravages of climate change.   The 2022 legislative session will likely be consumed with election-year grandstanding antics. We already see some of …

STATEMENT: A Strong Democracy Requires Safety and Civility

The Alaska Center stands in solidarity with those calling for respect and safety to return to our chambers of democracy. We urge Mayor Bronson and other government leaders to call for civil behavior regardless of political beliefs, and to condemn those that will not follow the rules of order.

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Leg with Louie: Springtime in the Legislature – April 9

It is an open question whether the winter will end this year out in the peaks and valleys and burbs and burgs and bays and straits and streams and swales of Alaska. Bills that resemble spring are few and far between in the Alaska State Legislature: buds that bring hope for a new beginning, a strong future. One such bill, …

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Alaskans Volunteer to Ensure Democracy is Working

For the last several weeks, a coalition of Alaskan organizations successfully organized statewide Election Protection programs to support generating historic voter turnout in our communities. This investment by the Alaska Civic Engagement State (AKCES) Table made Alaska the 40th state in the country to affiliate with the Election Protection Coalition – a national, nonpartisan coalition working to advance and protect …

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Leg With louie: To Bag or not To Bag

The Novel Coronavirus has caused changes in how we interact. With people, with time itself, and with things. Wearing or not wearing a mask in public has become a political act to some. Distillers of fine gin are now distilling sanitizing hand gel. Single-use plastic bags are temporarily rescued from their glide path to oblivion by frontline retail workers deeming …

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Leg With Louie: Building the new economy starts now

Yours may be cowboys, Willie, but my heroes have always been journalists. Even today, in the middle of the daily whirlwind of sheep-dip and gibberish from our highest officer in the land, with uncertainty on all horizons and a pandemic at our door, journalists are out there asking questions, arranging facts, allowing citizens a foothold of logic in the world …