2024 Chugach Electric Association Endorsements

At The Alaska Center, we work to elect Alaskans who stand up for our clean air and water, healthy communities, and a strong democracy at every level of public leadership: from the federal government down to local board elections. One of these local elections this spring is so small that many people don’t know they have the right to vote – but this Board holds a key role in transitioning us to a sustainable and independent energy future. 

Chugach Electric Association is the largest power provider in Alaska, servicing over 144,000 customers in the Anchorage area. Most of that power currently comes from natural gas – which is rapidly becoming less available in Alaska. As the Board holds elections for two open seats this spring, we must elect leaders who can set realistic goals to achieve energy independence in Alaska quickly. 

Director Sam Cason and Director Mark Wiggin will do just that. Both of these candidates have been serving on the Board and have filed for reelection this year. The Alaska Center is proud to endorse both candidates, and support them in their efforts to continue their hard work of setting and implementing policy goals for Chugach Electric Association. These candidates are proven community leaders who support harnessing renewable energy here at home, rather than paying exorbitant fees to rely on importing liquefied natural gas long term. We believe that re-electing Directors Cason and Wiggin will keep us on the right path for a fiscally and environmentally sustainable future in Alaska. 

“Reliable and cost-effective electric power is an essential part of maintaining a stable community and robust economy.” said Director Mark Wiggin on why he’s running for re-election. Director Sam Cason, when asked why he was running again, stated: “I view this as a generational opportunity to move towards a sustainable and prosperous future for our system, our economy, and our kids.”

Do you get an electricity bill from Chugach Electric Association every month? If so, that means you’re a member and you can vote in Annual Elections to make your voice heard! 

Mark your calendars: Voting opens on April 17. Members will receive an email with information on electronic voting. If you do not receive your ballot or have other questions, call (907) 762-4489 to make sure your information is up to date. Electronic voting closes May 17th, but members can also vote in person on May 17th at the Chugach Electric Association Annual Meeting

Your vote in this election is crucial in shaping our energy future in Alaska. Vote Cason and Wiggin to ensure that the Chugach Electric Association Board keeps Alaska’s best interests at heart.

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