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The concept of shifting power, whether in societal dynamics or energy generation, symbolizes a transformative journey with far-reaching effects. Socially, it means championing inclusivity, equitable decision-making, and elevating diverse voices for a fairer and more balanced society. In terms of electricity, power is the lifeblood of our modern existence. Technological progress has enabled us to harness and distribute energy like never before, but the methods of its generation often compromise our community's well being and our planet's future.

Together, let's SHIFT THE POWER. Let's redirect it towards individuals historically excluded from impactful decisions, and pivot away from energy sources that endanger our planet. Your support is crucial in this mission to Shift the Power!

This year at The Alaska Center, we set high goals: advocating for community solar legislation, safeguarding our cherished salmon, and protecting our democracy. Thanks to our generous donors, we achieved these goals and more. In collaboration with partners, we advanced climate policy initiatives, introduced community solar legislation, progressed in restoring salmon to the Eklutna River, and supported successful local candidates statewide.

In the Anchorage Assembly races, every candidate we endorsed won. In Fairbanks, we secured six essential seats in the Borough Assembly and School Board. Plus, our efforts in utility cooperatives resulted in electing two clean energy advocates to the Chugach Electric Association board.

Looking towards 2024, we're energized and ready to harness this momentum. To Shift the Power, we need your continued support.

Your contribution will help us create a just, thriving, and sustainable Alaska. It will empower Alaskans who share our values to take meaningful action. With your help, we can make a significant impact in 2024!

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Alison Lum, Development Director
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