STATEMENT: Utility Board Election Turnout Reflects Community Commitment to Clean Energy

Statement: May 25, 2023

Utility Board Election Turnout Reflects Community Commitment to Clean Energy 

This year, Chugach Utility member-owners voted in record-breaking numbers, largely in support of candidates who ran on a campaign of renewable energy solutions to the gas crisis and increased transparency in board decision-making. 15.7% of eligible voters turned out - a 30% increase from last year. The Chugach Electric Board elections are consequential because, as the state's largest utility, they can drastically change Alaska's renewable energy landscape. The Alaska Center, with the help of a committee of local volunteers and energy experts, endorsed three candidates on a renewable energy slate: Shaina Kilcoyne, Susanne Fleek-Green, and Jim Nordlund. Of these candidates, Jim Nordlund and Susanne Fleek-Green will join the board of directors to fight for a clean energy future for Chugach members. 

“This year’s Chugach Electric Association utility board elections demonstrate that CEA ratepayers want decisive, urgent action to add more clean energy to the grid. We are elated by the election of two of our endorsed candidates to the Board of Directors. And we hope the entire Board of Directors will honor the message of its member-owners: address the climate crisis, capitalize on unprecedented federal funding opportunities, and expand low-cost renewable power generation options. 

We are equally excited about the tremendous voter turn out in this election. At The Alaska Center we believe that every Alaskan should have a voice in deciding their leadership; be it state, local or utility cooperative. The record-breaking turnout shows a growing wave of people invested in the transparency and direction of the utility cooperatives producing their energy.” Chantal De Alcuaz, Co-Executive Director, The Alaska Center

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