STATEMENT: The Alaska Center supports introduction of community solar legislation

On May 16, 2023, Senator Wielechowski introduced SB 152, AN ACT RELATING TO COMMUNITY ENERGY FACILITIES to the Alaska State Senate. This bill will open the door for more Alaskans to benefit from solar power through the use of communal solar gardens, available at an affordable price to anyone who pays an electric bill. Community Solar gardens will bolster our state’s supply of renewable, reliable, and affordable energy for Alaskans, and The Alaska Center supports the passage of this bill through the legislature.

“Community solar is an important step toward making renewable energy accessible to all Alaskans. It will open up energy savings to renters and low-income community members who can’t afford the upfront costs and are at the frontlines of the climate crisis. 79,000 Alaskans are currently living below the Federal poverty level, and over 260,000 Alaskans live in rental housing. This bill opens the door to long-term energy savings, good-paying jobs, and a real pathway towards much-needed energy and economic diversity for all Alaskans.  Through our work in solarizing communities over the past five years, we have seen the upfront cost be a real barrier for families. We are excited to see the opportunity for more Alaskan families to access renewables and cheaper energy bills.” – Chantal de Alcuaz, Co-Executive Director

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