The Results Are In

Hi friends,

We finally know all the election results! 

Alaska voters had to decide on quite a lot this year: 59 state legislative seats, the Governor, our US Congressperson and Senator, and whether to hold a Constitutional Convention. The Alaska Center Board of Directors' endorsements included more than 30 state legislative candidates (with multiple ranking recommendations), as well as Mary Peltola for the US House, and Les Gara and Bill Walker for Governor.

The Alaska Center Independent Expenditure focused the political program on maintaining the bipartisan coalition in the State House and building the opportunity for one in the State Senate. While we won’t know whether these bipartisan coalitions come to fruition until announcements are made, the future is looking bright for a new Senate bipartisan coalition. We’re hopeful for a continued coalition in the State House. 

Multiple newly elected leaders in the House make a bipartisan coalition possible. Cliff Groh in North Anchorage has unseated David Nelson and was the focus of much of The Alaska Center Independent Expenditure’s program. We encouraged voters to rank both progressive candidates in this race, and we’re pleased that so many used their votes to their full power. Two new women are headed to the legislature, Maxine Dibert from Fairbanks and Donna Mears from East Anchorage, who have a lot to be happy about. Both are long-time community servants and leaders, and we’re ready for their time in Juneau.

As with every election, there are tough losses for some of our endorsed candidates, including Ted Eischeid and Denny Wells. We hope to see these leaders run again to serve their communities, and we will continue to fight for candidates who will support a thriving, just, and sustainable future. Additionally, Denny Wells’ loss by four votes should remind us all that every door you knock, phone call you make, and friend you speak with matters.  

Finally confirmed by ranked choice vote tabulation, Mary Peltola is our re-elected Congressperson! We’re thrilled that Alaskans re-elected the only pro-fish candidate in the race. We’re excited to work with her and the newly re-elected Sen. Murkowski to effect positive change for Alaska.

Alaskans said no, as they have again and again, to a Constitutional Convention. With the prospect of that off the table, we know we’ll have work to do in accountability with Governor Dunleavy’s re-election to a second term. 

We should know better now than ever that our democracy is sacred and that we must protect it. Even when we don’t like the results of an election, the fact is that Alaskans used their voices to elect leadership, and that’s an amazing right we must maintain. We’ll keep defending our right to vote–plus, we’re expecting that ranked choice voting and open primaries will be under attack next year. 

We will continue to inform you how to get involved to protect our system. Thank you for voting and working to make our democracy strong–we’re in this with you. 

In solidarity,
The Alaska Center

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