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Ted Eischeid

North Muldoon
House District 22


I have dedicated my life to public service and find such work meaningful. This work has included natural resource management, education, planning, and previous elected office. I have been motivated by the hostile politics I have observed, and the lack of long-term planning by many current politicians.

My vision for Alaska is one that bolsters the state’s strengths, especially its expansive wilderness, breathtaking beauty, and high quality of life. I seek a high environmental quality coupled with infrastructure investments that not only attract outside tourists, but also attracts and retains people who want to live here, work here, raise families here, and stay here after retirement. Robust wildlife and fish populations are part of that high quality of life, and these elements require quality habitat. To maximize Alaska’s future, we must plan now to take actions that maintain our assets while mitigating and adapting to the changes that climate change will impose upon our arctic state.

Ted Eischeid

Commitment to serve - Vote for Ted

The heart and the future of our community are at stake in these elections.

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