We’re Almost There!

I was driving my 7-year-old daughter to school, and as we passed one of many Yes for Salmon yard signs, she asked me, “Momma, how will you feel if salmon wins in November?” Her bright and earnest question made me pause and reflect.


Our environment, cultures, health, reproductive rights, education–everything we love and value is on the line. We are staring down the barrel of a potential Mike Dunleavy administration, in which terrible concepts like rural boarding schools are being proposed. We are up against the Goliath of foreign oil and mining corporations on ballot measure 1, who have spent nearly $12 million barraging voters with misinformation. The daily pressure upon our democracy is vice-like, but it is tempered by something much more powerful: the inspiring outflow of individuals who are stepping up and talking with voters every day about our vision for a better future.

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We have a real chance to elect Mark Begich for Governor and Debra Call for Lt Governor. Alyse Galvin has closed in on Don Young, and could actually become our first Congresswoman for Alaska! Our legislative candidates are tirelessly hitting the streets each day and night to protect the State House Coalition. And in villages and cities throughout the state, Alaskans of all ages are stepping forward to say Yes for Salmon and “no” to the corporate lies. We are so close to the future we want!

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It’s time to take our democracy back. Are we going to dig deep and rise up for our collective values? Or are we going to sit idle, then wake up November 7th in that “did this really happen” stupor, filled with regrets and a whole new set of fears? Are we going to go out fighting, knowing that we did everything we could to protect what we love?

I am choosing to fight. This weekend I cleared my calendar, and cleaned my house knowing it would be neglected for a while! I am ready to jump in. The energy around our office and in the streets is palpable, and it’s exciting.

It’s going to take every single one of us talking to our friends, neighbors, and fellow Alaskans to create the future we want. So, I’m asking for your help. Please, volunteer to help us turn out the vote.

In solidarity for my daughter’s and all of our future,

Polly Carr
Executive Director

Paid for by Yes for Salmon, Anchorage, AK. Michael Wood, Chair, approved this message. The Top 3 contributors are The Alaska Center, Anchorage, AK; Wild Salmon Center, Portland, OR;
and The New Venture Fund, Washington, DC
Paid for and approved by The Alaska Center, 921 W 6th Avenue, Suite 200, Anchorage, Alaska 99501. Susan Klein, Chair. The top contributors to The Alaska Center (Anchorage, AK) are Tide Advocacy Fund (San Francisco, CA), League of Conservation Voters (Washington, DC), and Sixteen Thirty Fund (Washington, DC). This notice to voters is required by Alaska law: We certify that this literature is not authorized, paid for, or approved by the candidate.

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