2016 General Election

November 8, 2016

TO: Interested Parties

RE: 2016 General Election

While the presidential election has been dominating the news cycle, The Alaska Center has been investing in key Alaska House races across the state, with more than $75,000 spent in our top tier races for primary and general elections combined.

Even though we don’t know the final vote counts yet, one obvious narrative has emerged this election cycle; Alaskans are tired of ineffective leadership in Juneau and are ready for a change. They understand the need for a Legislature that will work together and create a better future for our state.

The Alaska Center focused our electoral work on State House races that provided the greatest opportunity to elect candidates who will stand up for our clean air and water, healthy communities, and a strong democracy. We prioritized strategic tactics, like direct voter contact, and social pressure mail, which are proven to increase voter turnout.

The Alaska Center provided support to elect Harriet Drummond, Matt Claman, Adam Wool, Ivy Spohnholz, Harry Crawford, Jason Grenn and Dan Ortiz to the State House and Vince Beltrami, and Luke Hopkins in the State Senate. Key statistics for our top three races are:

Harry Crawford – House District 27

  • 3,000 doors knocked
  • 5,000 phone calls
  • 10,000 mail pieces
  • 3,660 users reached in 81,303 impressions on social media

Dan Ortiz – House District 36

  • 600 doors knocked
  • 6,500 phone calls
  • 10,000 mail pieces
  • 2,820 users reached in 86,694 impressions on social media

Jason Grenn – House District 22

  • 3,000 doors knocked
  • 5,000 phone calls
  • 10,000 mail pieces
  • 3,317 users reached in 115,862 impressions on social media
  • 23,166 impressions delivered via on ads

Please direct any questions to Meghan Cavanaugh, Political Director, (907) 351-3104.

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