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State of State Predictions

The Governor’s State of The State Address is next week (7 p.m. on Tuesday, January 25). It is sure to contain grievances about the Federal Government, excitement about mineral resource development projects in Alaska, and a dash of “Election Integrity” talk. It will maybe/probably contain a few lines about renewable energy, fisheries, Alaska’s strategic economic and military location, and “greatest …

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New Year, New Session 2022

Happy New Year and new Legislative Session from The Alaska Center. We anticipate both opportunity and struggle in the year ahead, another year in the lifetime work of protecting and nurturing our Democracy and saving our home from the ravages of climate change.   The 2022 legislative session will likely be consumed with election-year grandstanding antics. We already see some of …

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STATEMENT: A day of reflection.

During this season of gratitude and reflection, we would like to express our appreciation for the strong communities and people that we work with each day to build a brighter future. We are thankful for the stewardship and continued vibrant leadership of Alaska Native peoples. At The Alaska Center, we are honored to live and work on Indigenous lands.  2021 …

STATEMENT: A Strong Democracy Requires Safety and Civility

The Alaska Center stands in solidarity with those calling for respect and safety to return to our chambers of democracy. We urge Mayor Bronson and other government leaders to call for civil behavior regardless of political beliefs, and to condemn those that will not follow the rules of order.

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Leg With Louie: The Awesome Power of the Dividend

Without an income tax and/or a change in oil taxes we cannot have an adequately funded state government and a full statutory PFD at the same time, at least I think we cannot. Please correct me if I am wrong. My kids heard about 3K Dividends and went spinning around the yard like Sufis with visions of new phones, video …

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Leg With Louie: Alaska legislature and 415 parts per million

The Earth’s atmosphere is reported, as of May 12, 2019, to contain 415 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, primarily from human activities. 415 ppm is a number unknown to humans. The news that humanity is killing itself off by way of petroleum use is not new news; hitting 415 ppm is an ominous benchmark and it …

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Leg With Louie: A process you never knew you had, and you are about to lose

In 2006 the very unpopular administration of Governor Frank Murkowski approved a regulation allowing the dumping of water pollution into salmon spawning and rearing areas. This regulation was an extreme change to the rules protecting our salmon. Before it went into effect statewide, a review and certification by the Environmental Protection Agency were required. This regulation was so incredibly offensive to everyone besides …