Vote No on the Constitutional Convention

The Alaska Center and The Alaska Center Education Fund Boards of Directors have unanimously voted to endorse “Defend Our Constitution,” the campaign against a Constitutional Convention.

What is a Constitutional Convention?

  • A Constitutional Convention is a convention of delegates from the state gathering to propose amendments and changes to the state constitution.
  • Since Alaska’s constitution was ratified in 1956, we’ve never had a Constitutional Convention. Alaskans have consistently voted against holding a Constitutional Convention to re-write our constitution.

Why is it on the ballot?

  • Every ten years, Alaskan voters answer a ballot question: “Shall there be a Constitutional Convention?” The question will appear on the November ballot!
  • The Alaska state legislature can also choose to hold a constitutional convention at any time–they never have.

A Constitutional Convention is Dangerous

  • A Constitutional Convention would open Pandora’s box, and put our clean air and water, healthy communities, and strong democracy at risk. Rights to protecting our waters, hunting and fishing, abortion, public safety, public education, collective bargaining, and more could be gutted. 
  • A Constitutional Convention would mean letting our founding document be re-written by special interests. We know that foreign mining corporations, Big Oil, and other special interests will say, spend, and do anything in order to maximize profit at any cost. Let’s not give them control of our state’s most essential document. 
  • We have a strong state constitution and a clear amendment process that can be used to transparently change the constitution. That’s part of why voters have overwhelmingly rejected a Constitutional convention every year it’s been proposed.
  • A Convention would be a waste of taxpayer resources, costing taxpayers about $17 million dollars.

VOTE NO November 8!


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