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Alaska Youth for Environmental Action Urges Alaskan Leaders to Act on Climate Changeglacier

“Alaska is experiencing climate change at twice the rate of the rest of the world and our local communities feel the effects of changing temperatures, weather, oceans, and ice. Climate change affects us now, and as young people, we will feel the effects of climate change even more in the future. 
Carbon emissions are the largest contributor to these dangerous phenomena, which means  if we are able to cut carbon emissions we can solve climate change. Fortunately, our villages, towns, cities – and even our entire state – can take the lead on actions to cut carbon and by acting now can lead the way to a safer, more stable climate for future generations.”

It’s not enough to wait for the rest of the world to act, we need to start locally and do something now! Add your name to our petition to urge our leaders to reduce carbon emissions and reach a better future.>>



Alaska’s world-class ecosystems and incredible natural resources sustain our families, communities, and cultures. By connecting with Alaskans on these shared values, we can protect and sustain a healthy environment and chart the future we want for our children and grandchildren.


Alaska Center for the Environment engages and empowers Alaskans to protect and conserve the natural resources that support our unique quality of life for current and future generations. ACE cultivates environmental leaders, educates the public and decision makers about key environmental issues, and mobilizes diverse Alaskans to advocate for sound environmental policies.

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