Talking Points

  • It is time to bring an outdated law into the 21st Century by creating a more transparent, responsible and balanced approach to large-scale development projects.
  • Providing an opportunity for Alaskan’s to have a voice in the permitting process is a step in the right direction.
  • The law also needs strong, enforceable standards to protect fish habitat and guide responsible development practices.
  • We can not sacrifice vital salmon habitat for large development projects.
  • We need a strong state law that puts Alaskans in charge of sustaining our state’s thriving salmon economy and way of life for future generations.
  • We need to hold foreign mining corporations accountable and make them pay for the clean-up of mega development projects on or near vital wild salmon habitat – so that Alaska taxpayers won’t be left holding the bill.
  • This measure puts Alaskans in charge of protecting our state’s thriving salmon economy and way-of-life for generations to come.
  • We are looking for a responsible update to a 60-year-old law that gives Alaskans a voice in protecting our state’s most vital natural resource: wild salmon.
  • This needed update to the old law will help ensure we have common-sense protections in place, so nothing jeopardizes Alaska’s salmon fisheries and this cornerstone of Alaska’s economy and culture.
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