Vote By April 5

Forrest Dunbar

East Anchorage District 5 - Seat  D

Forrest is a lifelong Alaskan, a captain in the Alaska Army National Guard, and committed public servant. Forrest grew up in the communities of Eagle and Cordova but has since grown roots in East Anchorage. He has spent most of his career leading local non-profits and has extensive experience in building relationships, working across differences, and fighting for a vision. Forrest served as Vice President of the Scenic Foothills Community Council and has been an Anchorage Assembly member since 2016. He is a deeply thoughtful and hard-working politician, a member of the Alaska BAR association, and is a part of Congregation Beth Sholom.

Forrest Supports Our Values

Strong Democracy:
  • Forrest knows that Assembly Members are elected to get the job done–and he knows how big the job is.
  • Forrest has put in the time and work, both throughout his years of dedicated work in the Assembly.
  • Forrest shows up for our communities and through this campaign, he’s attended events across the board to reach out to as many community members as possible.
  • Forrest will get the job done–and he’ll protect our democracy and civil processes.
Healthy Communities:
  • Forrest knows that healthy communities are livable, walkable, safe, and affordable. He will commit to policy solutions that create more housing our city desperately needs. 

  • Forrest recognizes that our Anchorage community is an Indigenous place: we live and work on the lands of the Dena'ina people.

  • Forrest has worked to pass multiple policies that help us learn and share our history, including sponsoring and passing the first Indigenous naming ordinance in Anchorage’s history so that Dena’ina names must be considered.

  • Forrest is ready to help make Anchorage a 21st Century City.

Climate & Clean Energy:
  • Forrest understands that an investment in clean jobs and renewable energies will build and grow our economy.

  • Forrest championed measures to help our outdoors economy, including improving our first-class parks and trails system.

  • Forrest was a supporter of Anchorage’s Climate Action Plan, so he knows the road we need to take to accomplish our goals. 

  • Forrest supports restoring a flowing Eklutna River to be a migratory location for salmon again.

The heart and the future of our community are at stake in these elections.

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