Vote for Donna Mears

Donna Mears

South Muldoon
House District 21

VOTE by Nov 8!

"I have been involved in advocacy work my entire career. It started with recycling advocacy for the (then) Alaska Center for the Environment, which evolved into work as Anchorage’s recycling coordinator, and the development of a local recycling industry where I am currently employed. My advocacy work then turned to supporting candidates who held my values, and then more engagement on a very local level with my community council. When the opportunity came to run for office, I quickly realized that my career in infrastructure development and advocacy is an ideal foundational experience for the legislature. My vision is that Alaskans have easy access to local food, health care, education, clean energy, voting, and the legislative process. It is imperative that we are smart about upcoming infrastructure development and be thoughtful about projects that are climate resilient and promote environmental justice."
Donna Mears

She is here for you in Anchorage and will be there for all of us in Juneau - Vote for Donna

The heart and the future of our community are at stake in these elections.

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