Thank you for taking action. Thank you for joining fellow Alaskans who want to work together to create an Alaska we can all be proud of. Each action does make a difference and lets Alaskans be a part of the decision making process.

What We Do

We work across the state to protect the resources that sustain our families, cultures, and communities, while ensuring that Alaskans have a voice in the decisions impacting our future.

  • Wild Salmon

    Alaska’s wild salmon are part of our heritage, our identity, and our future. We engage Alaskans to protect critical habitat at the local and state level.

  • Clean Energy

    Climate change threatens our fisheries, cultures, and very existence. We advance clean energy solutions that will help diversify our economy, transition from extractive industries, and make Alaska a leader in innovation.

  • Amplifying Alaskans’ Voices

    Alaskans must be able to participate in the resource decisions impacting their communities and livelihoods. We are working for transparent government, strong democracy, and open public processes that allow the voice of the people to define our future.