Wrong Mine, Wrong Place

Pebble is a massive deposit of copper and gold, located at the headwaters of Bristol Bay’s Kvichak and Nushagak Rivers. If built, Pebble would be one of the largest mines of its kind in the world capable of generating 11 billion tons of toxic waste.

For over a decade, Alaska Natives, sportsmen, commercial fishermen and many others have vocally opposed the development of the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay. In 2014, the United States EPA noted that even the smallest of mines possible pose unacceptable risks to Bristol Bay’s fisheries. Despite this threat and years of opposition, in December 2017, Pebble filed a permit application with the US Army Corps of Engineers. In 2018, despite not having a clear mine plan from Pebble, the Army Corps initiated the NEPA permitting process. This year, the permitting process moves forward.

Flawed Process

Alaskans deserve a fair process. Not one hijacked by DC lobbyists and foreign companies

Bristol Bay residents, fishermen, and businesses have called for a suspension of the permitting process until Pebble can provide a complete and honest mine plan. The current permit process is rushed and politically driven and endangers  Alaska’s most critical and productive salmon fishery.

Tell Senator Murkowski and the Army Corp of Engineers that you, along with hundreds of thousands of other Alaskans, want protections for Bristol Bay’s salmon and clean water and do not want Pebble’s permits to advance.

Add your voice!

We are in this together

The public comment period ends July 1. This is one of the most important opportunities to express your concerns about Pebble. We can prepare now!

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