Stop Pebble Mine!

Army Corps of Engineers Permit Denial

On 11/16/2020, Northern Dynasty Minerals submitted a new mitigation plan for the Pebble Mine. On 11/25/2020,  the Army Corps of Engineers denied the mine permit.

While this is a huge step forward, and we can all take one collective sigh of relief, the fight isn’t over. After listening to the “Pebble Tapes” we know that the process has been wrought with corruption and backroom deals. The Pebble Partnership won’t stop until every last mineral is mined from Bristol Bay. We know that the Pebble Partnership has millions to spend on litigating themselves out of the grave (they have done it before) - that’s why it’s even more crucial that our elected leaders push for an EPA veto. The people of Bristol Bay won’t be able to rest with the looming threat that Pebble poses to their livelihoods and ways of life. Alaskans deserve certainty, we deserve long term protections for Bristol Bay.

The only way to stop Pebble for good is for our Senators to demand an EPA veto for Pebble Mine. Send a letter to Sen. Murkowski and Sen. Sullivan right now >>

This permit denial shows that Alaskan voices are being heard. The permitting process should be based on science and public opinion. We have both on our side. We can win long-term protections for Bristol Bay if we keep the pressure on and the momentum going.  We will keep you updated on the next steps to protect Bristol Bay. 

Statement about the FEIS

The Alaska Center and The Alaska Center Education Fund reject Pebble Limited partnership’s Final Environmental Impact Statement from the Army Corps of Engineers, and commits to supporting the Communities of Bristol Bay in the effort to protect their own lands, waters, food security, and culture from continuing colonization.

The Nation’s largest wild salmon run, housed on the traditional and contemporary lands of the Yupik, Sugpiak, and Dena’ina peoples sustains equitable jobs, a nutrient dense food source, and Indigenous Traditions & Culture. We know that Bristol Bay will continue to do so for generations, left untouched. 

We also know that the Pebble Mine is a direct threat to this already established economy - as does the Army Corps of Engineers. But they refuse to acknowledge this in the FEIS. As such, this FEIS is a travesty, and shows a blatant disregard for the health of Alaska’s people and the scientific process. The Army Corps statement flaunts it’s irreverence for science and for the Indigenous voices that have spoken out to protect these vital waterways. 

  • After a rushed and hazardous permitting process, this FEIS has made nearly no changes to the Draft EIS released in February. Despite receiving congressional directives, federal agency reviews, & community outcry to include the devastating effects of a toxic mine & to choose the no-action alternative, the Army Corps resolved to approve pebble for pebble’s sake. 
  • The one major change they did approve was to switch out the Lake Illiamna ferry transport plan for a new  plan: a northern Road & pipeline plan that doesn’t have permission of use from regional native entities - Iguigig Village Council, Iliaska Environmental LLC, and Bristol Bay Native Corporation have all condemned and denied use of their land rights to build a road. Yet, the Army Corps of Engineers, without any jurisdiction or approval still switched out pebble’s ferry plan to this “northern route” in the eleventh hour. 

Alaskans will not sit idly by as corporations and compromised administrations take from our lands to line their pockets. We can not continue this commitment to extraction. It is far past time that we see the value these broader economies bring to the table for the health and sustainability of our communities. Its time that leadership take a stand for Alaskans and not corporate greed.

While the Army Corps of Engineers has made its best efforts to silence Alaskan voices in favor of corporate profit, the EPA still has the power to right the ship.

The Alaska Center is asking the EPA to follow obligations under the Clean Water Act to Veto the Pebble Mine. We also ask our legislators Senators Sullivan and Murkowski to honor their commitment to back the Alaskan public, and support this effort to preserve this core part of our state.

The Pebble FEIS is a travesty for Alaskans. The Army Corps statement shows blatant disregard for the scientific process and the Indigenous communities that have spoken out to protect these vital waterways. Alaskans will not sit idly by as corporations and compromised administrations take from our communities to line their pockets.  We need to look past this short-sighted extraction, and toward a more sustainable economy that supports the health and well being of our communities. Its time that leadership takes a stand for Alaskans and not corporate greed. 
-Polly Carr, Executive Director, The Alaska Center

VETO pebble mine

Tell our leaders that action speaks louder than words. We need real concrete action against Pebble Mine. Ask our leaders to veto Pebble mine and end it for good.

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