Get your voice heard! Learn how to draft an effective public comment.

Alaskans have the opportunity to comment on Pebble’s latest Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). While the Army Corps takes public support or opposition into account, a unique comment may carry more weight than a thousand identical ones. If you keep these tips in mind, creating a unique comment can be quick, easy, and impactful!

  1.   Don’t be intimidated! A DEIS can be long and complex, don’t feel obligated to comment on every single issue raised. Instead, pick the issues that concern and affect you the most and/or the ones you understand the best.
  2.   Be Constructive! The Army Corps appreciates constructive comments (either positive or negative) and these tend to have the most influence. Make sure to critique or praise specific aspects of the DEIS.
  3.   State your credentials! If you have any knowledge or experience that could add more weight to your comment, make sure to include it  (i.e., scientist, attorney, fisherman, businesswoman, etc.)
  4.   Highlight the economic impacts! Pebble Mine will have many economic impacts in Bristol Bay and beyond, incorporating quantitative and qualitative data about these impacts could be particularly impactful.
  5.   Your unique voice matters! Don’t forget to include examples of how the proposed project would impact you.
Pave the Path to Stop Pebble Permanently!