Together we Stopped the Chuitna Coal Mine

Just 45 miles west of Anchorage, PacRim Coal proposed a mine that would have permanently destroyed 13.7 miles of valuable salmon spawning and rearing streams in Cook Inlet. With our partners (Native Village of Tyonek and Chuitna Citizens Coalition) we fought tooth and nail against this for more than a decade, driving over 20,000 actions, and we finally won. Our wild salmon resources are critical to our way of life in Alaska and this sets a great precedence. The Chuitna River remains an important river to the Cook Inlet fishery and this is an important win for all of us.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is finally official

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is finally official. Take this moment to thank our leaders for making the right choice. They used their positions to enact legislation that recognizes and celebrates Native People. This is a great step in honoring the contributions Native People have made to Alaska.