Your support is needed to move HB 130 from Senate Resources Committee

HB 130 is a simple bill designed to fix a number of clerical boundary errors in specific Alaska Special Use areas. For instance, HB 130 would make adjustments to the Port Moller Critical Habitat Area to remove the community of Nelson Lagoon from the critical habitat area, simplifying local land use issues.

HB 130 also makes minor changes to the Izembek State Game Refuge, Cape Newenham State Game Refuge, Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge, Egegik Critical Habitat Area, Pilot Point Critical Habitat Area, Fox River Flats Critical Habitat Area, Kachemak Bay Critical Habitat Area, and Dude Creek Critical Habitat Area.

Hours of careful analysis and Alaska Department of Fish and Game staff time have gone into the creation of this proposed legislation. HB 130 passed from the State House on a bipartisan, nearly unanimous vote in 2017. It was heard once in Senate Resources, it’s only committee of referral in the Senate, then held. It is our understanding that political differences between the Senate and the Governor are causing the bill to be held in committee.

HB 130 is a simple bill, intended to make the management of certain lands more straightforward and efficient. This bill should not die in the State Senate due to politics.

Please contact the office of Senator Cathy Giessel – chair of the Senate Resources Committee – and ask her to bring HB 130 up for a vote in the Senate Resources Committee in order to move the bill along in the process. Note that this Friday is likely the last day that the committee will hear legislation, so please make a call or send an email as soon as possible.

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Toll-Free: 800-892-4843

Please also consider copying the members of the Senate Resources Committee in your email:

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Thank you,

Louie Flora
Government Affairs Director
The Alaska Center
(907) 717-9602