Stay Informed on the Green Bank Bill

SB 123 & HB 170
“The Energy Independence Program & Fund: AIDEA”
(Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority)

Public Testimony 4/30 at 8 AM!

Talking Points

We enthusiastically support forming a Green Bank for Alaska

An Energy Independence Program & Fund can be a powerful economic engine to diversify Alaska’s economy (which is AIDEA’s mission) However, AIDEA’s longstanding track record of misallocated and often secretive investments mean the Green Bank likely will be burdened by public distrust unless the new legislation addresses the following concerns:

  • Amend the bill to make it clear that AIDEA’s large expenditures (for example over $5M) are subject to legislative oversight.
  • Amend the bill to ensure the primary purpose of any project funded is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or increase energy efficiency.
  • Amend the bill to ensure transparent public process (i.e., 30 days notice for public comment on resolutions and a publicly available document showing AIDEA’s record of its use or rejection of factual or other substantive public comments).
  • We support broadening the advisory board so more state and tribal experts inform decision-making and allocating 35% of lending to rural Alaskans and providing technical assistance to support community access respectively.
  • We also support diversifying the AIDEA board composition.

Testimony Tips

  • If you are calling from Anchorage please call: 563-9085. If calling from Juneau please call 586-9085. From all other prefixes call 1-844-586-9085
  • Before you call, know the bill number and committee you will be addressing. (HB 170, House Labor and Commerce) 
  • Prepare your testimony with the expectation you will have approximately two minutes to deliver your message.
  • Please call to be connected 5 to 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.(start time 8 AM, 4/30/2021)
  • When it is your turn to testify: Your name will be called and you will hear the audio prompt, “Your line is unmuted.”  State your full name, where you are from, and your affiliation. “Madam/ Mr. Chair and members of the committee, my name is ____, I am from ____ and am representing (myself, business or organization name)” then Provide your testimony.
  • When you are finished with your testimony, committee members may ask you questions. If there are no questions and you have access to the internet, please disconnect your phone and stream the remainder of the meeting at 

When calling in to testify, do not use a speaker phone. Speaker phone audio quality is poor and makes it difficult for legislators to understand you.  There will be periods of silence – don’t hang up! Prior to a meeting beginning the line will be silent. Be patient and wait for the meeting to begin. After the meeting begins, the committee may take an “at ease”. The line will be silent when the committee is not on the record.  Ensure you are in a quiet setting when testifying. Background noise diminishes the quality of your testimony. If you are inaudible, the chairman may ask you to try and remedy the situation. If it is not improved, they may ask you to submit written testimony instead.  Written testimony may be provided if time doesn’t allow you to wait. Written testimony should be directed to the committee. Committee email address are located here: