It's Time for action

Call Murkowski

Calling Senator Lisa Murkowski, is an effective tool to help stop Pebble Mine from going forward. Click through for talking points and helpful tips.

Email Murkowski
Let Sen. Murkowski know extending the comment period is not sufficient enough to protect Bristol Bay. We need her to listen to Alaskans and end Pebble Mine for good. Email her through this form and add your own unique perspective.
$top Pebble
Help us make a statement. We are committed to 1 pebble for every potential job lost: 14,000. We need Murkowski to listen to Alaskans NOW. SAY NO TO PEBBLE. Defend our communities, our economy, and our jobs.
Leave a Comment
The Army Corps of Engineers has published a Draft Environmental Impact Study and has opened up the permitting process to public comment. You have till July 1 to let them know that the proposed Pebble Mine should not be built. Add your name to the chorus.

The Pebble Partnership has started to apply for mining permits in Bristol Bay, and that means we are now in the most important stage of the fight against Pebble Mine. The U.S. Army Corps released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that is rushed and flawed, but they are still asking Alaskans to engage in the permitting process as if it were fair, transparent, and our voices matter.

The Army Corps listened when Sen. Murkowski asked for the process to be extended, they will listen if she asks for the process to be adequate.
We need Sen. Murkowski to champion our voices. We need her to listen. So until she does we will keep calling, showing up and holding her accountable.