We have spent a great deal of time analyzing the candidates based on our values and priorities as an organization. In this race, there is a clear choice for a governor who will stand up for our values, fight for our top priorities, and win. That choice is Mark Begich.

When Mark Begich was Mayor of Anchorage he led the way for a conservation vision for Anchorage…
  • He worked with Alaska Youth for Environmental Action to be the first Alaskan mayor to sign the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Change Agreement
  • Hired a Renewable Resources Manager in the Mayor’s Office
  • Switched street lamps in Anchorage to LED lights. (Led the way on making Anchorage the first city in the country to install large-scale LED roadway lighting, because he prioritized action on energy efficiency
As Senator Mark Begich stood with us to make headway in the federal government…
  • Adamantly opposed the Pebble Mine
  • As chair of the Senate Oceans Subcommittee, he fought against “pirate fishing” from overseas vessels and genetically-engineered fish, or “Frankenfish”, labs from threatening our fisheries. He helped pass legislation to increase research on ocean acidification.
  • Acknowledged that Alaska was on the front lines of climate change and regularly advocated to increase investments in climate change mitigation versus adaptation.
And now, as Mark Begich steps up to run for the Governor of Alaska, we are excited to support him because he has committed to…
  • Make Alaska the most Energy Efficient State in the Country by:
    • Reducing overall electric energy use by 10 percent by 2025
    • Cutting costs by requiring energy audits and efficiency upgrades of all public buildings
    • Restart Alaska’s weatherization program providing relief to Alaskans with the highest energy costs
    • Ensure all state policies incentivize energy conservation
  • Implement a Roadmap to Achieve Goal of 50% Renewable Energy by 2025: It is not enough to simply throw out goals, we must have a roadmap to get there. There are concrete actions the State can take to help achieve a 50% renewable goal by 2025 including:
    • Convert the State’s vehicle fleet to electric/gas electric hybrid expediting EV charging infrastructure
    • Set clean energy procurement goals for the State and reduce barriers for purchasing electricity and heat that will save the money and reduce energy use.
    • Seek out partnerships with the private sector to achieve scale in our rural communities and deploy emerging technology on Alaska’s microgrids.
  • Join the bipartisan U.S. Climate Alliance and use the Alliance as a platform to share what Alaska is doing to address and adapt to a changing climate
  • Develop our clean tech workforce
On our top priority this election cycle, Yes for Salmon Ballot Measure 1, the candidates for Governor differ greatly. Both Dunleavy and Walker are opposed to Yes for Salmon.
In contrast:
  • Mark is committed to strengthening state law (Title 16) to protect Alaska’s fisheries and the communities, jobs and businesses that rely on them;
  • He supports Alaskans having the chance to vote on Ballot Measure 1, agreeing with The Alaska Center that this is a clear indication that the Governor & Legislature have failed to act;
  • He believes we need sound, science-based salmon habitat protection standards to guide responsible development in Alaska;
  • And as Governor, Mark believes that Alaskans should have a voice in the permitting process for large development projects that have the potential to damage our fisheries.

For us, there is a clear decision. Mark Begich will look out for all Alaskans and ensure that our values are front and center in state government. It’s our home and it’s our future.

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