We oppose the attempt to recall Assemblyman Felix Rivera

Felix Rivera has been a leader for Midtown Anchorage--and he supports a Just Transition, a cleaner and more sustainable economy, and more--he’ll continue to do so on the Assembly

What is the recall question?

Felix Rivera is one of the Midtown Assembly Members, and this election will have a recall ballot question for Midtown voters. The recall is on the grounds that Felix allowed a couple extra people into a room for a meeting while he was Assembly Chair, in disobedience of the Assembly’s gathering requirements

Why do we oppose?

  • This recall is in bad faith. The backers claim their concern is 17 people at an Assembly meeting instead of 15--these are the same backers who, week after week, try to crowd assembly meetings and push for an end to covid conscious protections.
  • It’s a political stunt by the same people who gather in huge groups every assembly meeting, disobey mask orders, and overwhelm capacity as our city still faces a pandemic.
  • While Felix navigated our city through a pandemic, the agitators behind the Recall made a mockery of the Assembly.
  • The Recall Felix effort is a roadblock to our city's recovery.

Our city needs to move forward to heal from the covid and economic crisis, personal attacks and political antics help no one. Please vote no on Assemblyman Felix Rivera's recall.

Felix has been there for Anchorage. He has kept fighting to keep us safe and keep our city thriving in the face of endless attacks on him personally and professionally.

It's time we stand up for good leadership in Anchorage, it's time we stand up for Felix.

vote no on the recall

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