Fairbanks Municipal Elections

Our municipal elections are crucial - and it is imperative to elect those who truly see the value in this community and how they can work with us as residents and leaders. If you have voted already, Municipal Elections our October 6th! Important Information on how you can vote can be found on the Borough’s Election page>>

Join us in supporting these candidates, and cultivating the leadership Fairbanks needs to see.

City Council

Sue Sprinkle: City Council Seat E


A small business owner, Sue understands the challenges that many city residents are facing. She is ready to advance and work towards a more accessible, clean, and equitable city for all residents and neighbors.

“ Let's see all the buildings upgraded with energy efficiency. I can only by making our streets safer, cleaner, and more "walkable" then the other good things will follow; families, working professionals, more businesses. But I want it for everyone; I want to raise all boats.”

Montean Jackson: City Council Seat F

Montean has been an educator and mentor in the Fairbanks community for decades. They are committed to bringing and working together to create the City we all want to be in.

 “If elected to City Council my plans are as follows: 1) work with community groups to develop a culture of active engagement toward change in the interior, 2) work to establish a commitment by administration, business and industry and community partnerships to create a strategic plan in the development of innovative and effective initiatives to address climate change, and 3) work to build capacity and efficacy through education, training, funding, and distribution of public communication that is sustainable over time.”

Borough Assembly

Donald Crocker: Borough Assembly Seat D

Donald has a vast history of commitment and empowerment with the Fairbanks community. He has a strong vision of equity and justice that will bring the Borough much closer to addressing some of the most pressing issues of air quality, transportation, communal safety, and engagement.

“As a Borough Assemblymember I believe the first step is to take the time to engage and listen to impacted communities, elders, and community leaders. One should not make an assumption of the interests of communities. In the creation of a Climate Change Mitigation plan I believe it is important to address the needs and impacts climate change will have on communities of color, indigenous communities, and low income families.”

Ryan VanReenan: Borough Assembly Seat H


Ryan not only has a deep understanding of the challenges that Fairbanks residents face, but has a collective vision and plan to truly re-invent and create what the Fairbanks North Star Borough can be and can offer.

“Though the relocation of Newtok due to erosion is nothing to do with the borough, it is an example of the effects of climate change on our indigenous people. Aside from making the FNSB a leader by example with renewable energy requirements on public projects and land development as well as solid waste reduction, I would like to restart the FNSB Climate Change Task Force. These steps will yield concrete results, but we must also use the megaphone public office affords us to advocate for even greater change.”

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