Alyse shares our values on issues like climate change, energy efficiency, healthy fisheries, and an engaged democracy. Alyse is opposed to the Pebble Mine as well as the impacts of transboundary mining in Southeast Alaska. She also knows that Alaska is ground zero for the negative impacts of climate change like rising temperatures, coastal erosion, melting permafrost, and broken ice on our river systems. And while we may not agree on every issue, we know that Alyse is the strongest candidate and best choice for Alaska.

More importantly, we believe that Alyse is a true grassroots collaborator and will work with us and other Alaskans to solve our toughest problems. She is out working hard, traveling across Alaska to listen and hear the concerns of thousands of voters. This is something we know she will continue to do if we elect her as our next Congresswoman.

This year, let’s do something exciting. Let’s elect Alyse as our next Congresswoman for Alaska!

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We believe that a more just and sustainable Alaska is possible. We believe that it will take committed leadership and candidates who are willing to work with and for Alaskans to build a future where we all have a voice at the decision making table.

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