2020 Endorsements

The Alaska Center works to engage, empower, and elect Alaskans who stand up for our clean air and water, healthy communities, and a strong democracy. The following endorsed candidates and ballot initiatives have been chosen by us because they too, stand up for what’s right for our communities.

Alaska State House

Alaska State Senate

US House and US Senate

We’re excited to announce that The Alaska Center has endorsed Alyse Galvin for US Congress and Al Gross for US Senate. Alaskans need leaders in Washington who will work hard to champion our values: clean air and water, healthy communities, and a strong democracy.


Alyse Galvin is a lifelong Alaskan, grassroots advocate for education, mother of three, and second-time candidate for US Congress. She is working for an Alaska with a sustainable economy where everyone has access to a good-paying job, affordable healthcare, a great education system, and where we make real progress on environmental issues because she knows we can’t wait. Alyse will work hard for a Just Transition for Alaska, with the understanding that a thriving, just, and sustainable Alaska for future generations is within reach--if we work hard.

Dr. Al Gross is a born and raised Alaskan, orthopedic surgeon, and commercial fisherman, and candidate for US Senate. Dr. Gross will work to move Alaska into the new, clean economy of the 21st century, diversify our economy to stop our over-dependence on oil, and fix our broken healthcare system. Dr. Gross understands the urgency of our climate crisis, and will work hard for Alaskans in the Senate.

Ballot Initiatives

Vote Yes on Ballot Measure 1!

The Alaska Center has endorsed The Fair Share Initiative. Alaska's oil companies have been paying too little to our state for the development of our resources. We can't afford to give big extractive industries a break, especially now during our fiscal crisis. Vote yes on 1 to stop Alaska's subsidy of Big Oil. 

Your vote makes it possible to: 

  • Increase Alaska's share of production revenues on the three big legacy fields, and remove net tax credits and foreign cost deduction. 
  • Increase disclosure for companies so that Alaskans can see the revenues, costs, and profits for our state's major development.

Paid for and approved by The Alaska Center IE, 707 A St, Suite 205, Anchorage, Alaska 99501. Griffin Plush, Chair. The top contributors to The Alaska Center (Anchorage, AK) are Tides Advocacy Fund (San Francisco, CA), League of Conservation Voters (Washington, DC), and Rocky Plotnick (Anchorage, AK). This notice to voters is required by Alaska law. We certify that this literature is not authorized, paid for, or approved by the candidate.