Engaging in local elections is a way to support emerging leaders and ensure that we have champions at all levels of government that share our vision for a more sustainable, vibrant, and healthy Alaska. That’s why we are proud to endorse six candidates for Anchorage Assembly. We are also excited to endorse Prop 12 which we believe will build stronger and more equitable representation for all of us.

Christopher Constant

District 1 – Downtown

Christopher Constant has been a climate champion throughout his first term on the Anchorage Assembly. He  supported the Climate Action Plan and he continues to help fight for the removal of the Eklutna Dam. He is a strong advocate for representation and equality for the LGBTQIA community. Vote for Christopher Constant on April 7.

“My neighbors continue to be impacted by unfair and unequal representation. I am working hard to provide an additional Assembly member to ensure they are equally represented. I also work closely with folks in Fairview and Mountain View to activate folks who have been traditionally boxed out of the process. ”

Stephany Jeffers

District 2 – Eagle River

Born and raised in Chugiak Stephany Jeffers owns the local small business Cirque Boreal in Anchorage and Eagle River. She’s well versed in climate issues and plans to make climate change mitigation a central part of her campaign. Vote for Stephany Jeffers on April 7.

“Climate change is real, it’s happening, and our actions have a huge effect…We need policy based on facts and data rather than feelings and fear. I will listen to experts when they present information to me and ask questions when needed, but I will not legislate or spread animosity based on unfounded fears. While I would love if this didn’t need to be said, Chugiak/Eagle River has had various representatives ignore the council of experts (APD, troopers, scientists, engineers) in the past and spread fear that was not based in data or reality. I hope to buck that trend.”

Austin Quinn-Davidson

District 3 – West Anchorage

Austin Quinn-Davidson has been a champion on the Assembly since she was elected in 2018. She supported the city’s plastic bag ban, Anchorage’s Climate Action Plan, the Eklutna River Restoration, and was integral in creating comprehensive stream setback guidelines for developers. Austin is invested in Anchorage. Vote for Austin Quinn-Davidson on April 7.

“My priority is to make Anchorage a safer, smarter, more prosperous city for all. I see us achieving this goal by improving public safety, growing our local economy, and protecting our health and the environment. Public safety cannot be achieved if all people do not have access to a clean and healthy environment. While serving on the Assembly, I supported the plastic bag ban and voted to eliminate toxic, carcinogenic flame retardants that negatively impact children and firefighters from Anchorage stores and homes. These efforts have helped move us towards a healthier environment while protecting the safety of our residents.”

Felix Rivera

District 4 – Midtown

Felix Rivera has been an asset to the Assembly and a champion for youth since he was elected in 2017. Felix worked to get youth representative a position on the Assembly, supported the plastic bag ban and the Anchorage Climate Action Plan, as well as established a government-to-government relationship with Eklutna Village. Felix is working to increase the accessibility and the inclusivity of Anchorage.Vote for Felix Rivera on April 7.

“My top campaign issues are the top issues I hear every day in Midtown — public safety, homelessness, and continuing the strong economic revitalization of Midtown. I’ve been honored to serve on the Assembly for the past almost three years and have worked hard on these issues. I’m not done yet and hope to continue this work. There are two overarching themes that tie into my top priorities that I’ve long supported: the Welcoming Anchorage initiative and the Resiliency initiative, including climate change efforts. We must make progress on these issues on a local level.”

Pete Petersen 

District 5 – East Anchorage

Pete Petersen is a long-time voice for good on the Assembly, and has served since 2014 (and in the legislature before that). Petersen sponsored the Anchorage Climate Action Plan, and helped champion vote by mail as the Chairman of the Ethics and Elections Committee. Pete is focused on broadening renewable energy projects as cost savings options for Anchorage. Vote for Pete Petersen on April 7.

“I believe that climate change is caused by human beings. Alaska is on the front lines in the battle to stop climate change. It’s important for each of us individually to make changes to our lifestyles to at least slow the speed of climate change…Combating climate change is a priority. By reducing or eliminating the use of items that pollute the air or water we can begin to restore healthy salmon habitat and reduce air and water pollution.”

Suzanne LaFrance 

District 6 – South Anchorage

Suzanne LaFrance is the Vice Chair of the Assembly and a supporter of the Climate Action Plan. Suzanne is ready to build towards solutions for our communities and our municipality in the face of state budget cuts. She is ready to work with stakeholders across the board to build a more inclusive Anchorage. Vote for Suzanne LaFrance on April 7.

“My top priority is ensuring that the MOA remains a livable community, despite the ongoing state fiscal crisis. We can’t rely on the state to solve our problems and we’ll need to keep developing our resiliency, which includes continuing to implement our Climate Action Plan. Public health and safety is very important to me, and I was a co-founder of the Assembly Health Policy Committee. I support strong public schools, which I believe are absolutely critical to democracy.”


Proposition 12 would require that each Assembly District has 2 Assembly Members, making six equal districts. Right now, we have five two-member districts, and one sole-member district, District 1, representing Downtown, Mountain View, and Fairview. That’s half a voice in the Assembly Chamber, half a voice and choice on your ballot, half the access to leadership, and ultimately half the representation.

Redistricting is planned for 2022, after the 2020 Census. Now is the time to eliminate the single-member district to ensure fair and equal representation for every Anchorage resident. 

Anchorage votes by mail.

Ballots can be returned through the postal service or by dropping it in one of 16 “secure drop boxes”. The voter registration date is March 8; ballots will be mailed three weeks before the election on March 17; and election day is April 7. In addition to voting by mail you can also vote early or on election day at one of six Accessible Vote Centers.

Paid for and approved by The Alaska Center, 707 A St, Suite 205, Anchorage, Alaska 99501. Griffin Plush, Chair. The top contributors to The Alaska Center (Anchorage, AK) are Tide Advocacy Fund (San Francisco, CA), League of Conservation Voters (Washington, DC), and Sixteen Thirty Fund (Washington, DC). This notice to voters is required by Alaska law: We certify that this literature is not authorized, paid for, or approved by the candidate.