Over 72,000 Ballots were cast in this election
Results will be certified on may 25

After an in-depth process, The Alaska Center Board of Directors has unanimously voted to endorse Forrest Dunbar for Mayor of Anchorage. Forrest has represented East Anchorage on the Anchorage Assembly since 2016, and in his years of service he has worked tirelessly for a sustainable and bright future. He’s helped protect public safety by creating alternative first responder systems. He’s helped improve quality of life through trail improvements, clean energy investments and more job opportunities. And he’s supported making Anchorage a more inclusive city. Forrest has proven he will be a leader Anchorage needs. 

“As Alaska transitions away from an economy dominated by non-renewable resources, Anchorage must be at the forefront of the new, more sustainable economy that comes next....The pandemic has produced twin public health and economic crises, and thrown systemic inequalities into sharp relief. COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations have disproportionately impacted communities of color, particularly the Alaska Native and Pacific Islander populations in Anchorage.

My focus as Mayor will be to ensure our pathway to recovery is equitable…There is much work to be done in the next Administration to ensure that Anchorage leads the way into a more sustainable economy, and that as we do so we uplift voices that have too often been ignored.”

-Forrest Dunbar

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