Vote NO by October 26!

We oppose the attempt to recall Assembly Member Meg Zaletel.

Meg Zaletel has been a leader for Midtown Anchorage. She is a hard-working, non-partisan community advocate. Meg’s is laser-focused on helping our community rather than playing politics.

What is the recall question?

A special interest group has forced the city to hold an expensive special election to attempt to recall Meg Zaletel from office just months before the Regular Election.

The recall is on the grounds that Meg participated in an Assembly meeting that allowed a couple more people into a room during a meeting last year than was allowed by the covid-19 gathering requirements at the time (limited to 15).

Why we’re opposed:

  • This recall is deceptive. The backers claim their concern is 17 people at an Assembly meeting instead of 15--these are the same backers who, week after week, try to crowd assembly meetings and push for an end to covid conscious protections. It’s a political stunt by the same people who gather in huge groups every assembly meeting, disobey mask orders, and overwhelm capacity as our city still faces a pandemic. 

  • Meg delivers real solutions for Anchorage families. She is a fierce advocate for Midtown who will continue to fight for a more just, thriving, and sustainable Anchorage.

  • The recall is a waste of city money and time. The city is being forced to run a special recall election right before the election in April.

  • This is the second run of a recall attempt for the Midtown Assembly members. The same backers tried to recall Assembly Member Felix Rivera last election, and failed miserably. We don’t need to ask the same question again. 

We need to stand up for good leadership in Anchorage, it's time to stand up for Meg.

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