Voter Education

Voting is the most important step an Alaskan can take in determining our shared future. By providing opportunities for all Alaskans to weigh in on the decisions impacting our resources, we can ensure that the outcomes are equitable for everyone.

Our ‘Civics 101’ training series provides an overview of the layers of government, maps out participants’ methods for influencing decision-makers, and shares a theory of change that can put power back into the hands of community members. We’re always looking to train more grassroots activists with this framework, so that even more Alaskans understand the nuts and bolts of how government works, and what individuals have the power to change.

The Alaska Center works with a wide range of partners to break down barriers to voting and increase access to the civic process. All 501(c)3 non-profits are eligible to conduct non-partisan voter education, and we are always looking for more groups to join these efforts.

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