Vote By Mail

Anchorage Municipal elections are right around the corner!

April 7, 2020!

Did you receive your postcard from the Division of Elections? If not, it means you need to update your address. Follow the link below to ensure that your voice can be heard in the decision making process.

Update your Voting Information

How to Vote By Mail

  • Ballot will be mailed to your residence.
  • Fill out the form by completely filling in the ovals and place your voted ballot into the enclosed security envelope and place the security envelope into the ballot return envelope.
  • Sign the voter declaration on the back of the ballot return envelope.
  • Return your ballot with a first-class stamp at the United States Postal Service. Or save postage and place your ballot in a Secure Drop Box or return it to an Accessible Vote Center.
For more information, visit the Municipality of Anchorage’s Vote by Mail FAQ sheet

Get Involved

To learn how you can get involved in educating your community about the benefits of Vote by Mail contact our Civic Engagement Coordinator, Evan Anderson.


Vote by Mail is secure and even allows voters to track the progress of their ballots. Through top of the line election technology the vote by mail process is able to ensure confidentiality and voting integrity. The results of a vote by mail campaign in other states have shown a substantial uptick in the amount of active voters. We’ve all had days where getting around Anchorage is a challenge. When a day with bad weather or heavy traffic is on election day, it prevents people from exercising their democratic rights. Vote By Mail will give all eligible Anchorage residents the chance to vote their ballot and turn it in at their convenience over a full three weeks.

This year we will be implementing a robust voter education campaign that includes materials, events, workshops, and online engagement. Our goal is to have the most engaged voting population in the United States and with your help, we believe Vote by Mail is an effective first step towards that goal.

Looking for additional language resources?

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Looking for a Ballot Box?

You can drop off your ballot in a secure ballot box.