What is Proposition #2?

The law currently in the Kenai Peninsula Borough is that every registered voter (beginning in 2021) will be sent a ballot to vote by mail if they choose. You can still go to the polls to vote, but there will be a limited number of polling stations. A Yes vote on Proposition #2 will repeal this law. A NO vote means you want the law to remain in effect for mail-in voting and polls. We are concerned that the language of the proposition will make it harder to understand. So basically, No means Yes - keep the law as is.

  1. It allows for voters to study the ballot before they vote.
  2. It is secure! We have a machine that will check for signature verification and there is a solid paper trail for any ballots that might be questionable.
  3. It has the potential to increase voter turn-out. The last 4 elections on the Kenai have had an average voter turn-out of 20%.
  4. It is a safe and healthy way to vote, instead of having to go to your polling station.
  5. It is a convenient way to vote.
  6. It adds an additional way to vote, in case you can’t get to the polls.
  7. Eventually, after the initial costs, elections will not cost as much money as they do now.
  8. Voting by mail has been proven safe. 5 states currently use it as a regular way to vote and feel very confident about it.
  9. Voting by mail is a way to stop any voter suppression. Having more options to vote is progressive and just makes sense.
  10. The Kenai Peninsula Borough Voters stakeholders group met for over a year to discuss many ways to make voting better. Vote by-mail was a major recommendation. The stakeholders report was read by the assembly and they approved the document.
    Learn more about what the stakeholders did>>
  11. If the Yes vote wins, the Borough will have to buy 30 new voting machines to fix the original lawsuit that meets the specs of the disability law suit that got the stakeholders group together in the first place.
  12. The Borough has been doing mail-in voting in some remote precincts for a number of years with no problems.

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How can you help TODAY?

Help us get the word out. If we swamp the news outlets with letters, we have a better chance of keeping this law as is. Letters can be sent to the Clarion, Homer News, blogs, social media, the Seward log, Facebook, ADN, KBBI, KDLL, KSRM..the list is endless. 

Your letters could make the difference in having vote by mail on the Peninsula. The Borough and City election is on Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this proposition.

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